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You will find a wide range of powerbanks on our website, as we are a b2b supplier powerbanks and wholesaler powerbanks. We have different types and sizes in stock. So check our website first to meet the needs of your customers. These products come in handy when you are on the go and in urgent need of a power supply when there is no power outlet.

With the worldwide fame and popularity of streaming services such as Youtube and Spotify, we can’t help but binge watch new shows and listen to music. However, the batteries of our smartphones are limited to a couple of hours and some apps may devour energy more than others. In that case powerbanks offer an extremely good solution. These batteries can be connected to a smartphone or tablet in a very easy manner. Afterwards, you can continue enjoying music, shows and games on your portable device.

Due to our experience as a b2b supplier powerbanks and wholesaler powerbanks we offer a wide range of powerbanks, as can be seen on our website. Most powerbanks fit easily into a bag or pocket and are therefore easy to transport. Depending on the needs and wishes of customers, telephone shops can inform customers about the specifications of the different models. There are many varieties of colours, mah and types of powerbanks available. Also, we have different sizes to choose from. The larger ones, are heavier and might be less easy to carry around but they can last up to 48 hours. As long as you have the necessary cable with you, you can recharge your phone, even if there is no power outlet nearby. Also, wireless powerbanks exist. These are extremely valuable when you are constantly on the go and need to recharge without having to connect charging cables first.